The Denim Empire

Lainie Weitkamp

Posted on June 18 2018

Nothing yells summer better than good old-fashioned denim. With the summer trends setting in we need to skim through the best pair of denim bottoms that will not only suit you but also complement the dress you wear. Considering the color palette for this season here are the denim you should really be stocking more on this summer.
White Denim
Previously only meant for men, the white denims have seriously taken a whole new look. With a tight waist upper and a slim shape, the denims are adored by women worldwide. The best thing about white denims is that it accentuates the shape of your body it goes with almost every color no matter how light or how dark. Pair it with one of your favorite shirts from this year’s collection especially the more cool lavender tones
Frayed denims have a fringe and irregular cut to them at the end near to the edges of their jeans. These look extremely sexy especially if you are going for a rowdy, sexy and unbothered look. This type of a jeans would look perfect with a dark burgundy top be it a normal low cut shirt or a crop top and dark lip makeup. Wear a nice choker and maybe pull your hair up a little bit. The jeans come in varieties with low to high waist and difference in how tight they are but all in all, these are one rad pair of jeans.
Boyfriend Denim
With Marilyn Monroe, the icon who started the trend of boyfriend denim, one can’t possibly go wrong. Boyfriend denim is more to the casual side as they are loose and not tightly fitted around your thighs and legs and give your skin more space to breathe in. They come in many styles like ripped from either only the knees or having patches all over the fabric. These look extremely sexy with a nice piece of sneakers and a crop top with your hair in a ponytail or just let loose. For all those girls out there looking for a more casual and a tomboy look, these are definitely the ones for you.
Cropped Denim
The denim jeans you wear that end near or just above the ankle are cropped denim. You might get confused as to what the difference between a Capri and a cropped denim is then, well capris are mostly those pants that people wear just above they're calving muscles whereas the cropped denim end near or above the ankle. The cropped jeans are more of a casual look if you’re just hanging out or going on a date. The shoes that work best under cropped denim are mostly sandals that you will be needing anyway hence the summer or some flat sneakers like the infamous white vans. Style these jeans with a comfortable graphic tee shirt or anything from the colors of this summer and let your jeans do the magic.

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